Exercises to improve balance Level 1-2

These are progressively difficult exercises that I am using to improve my balance. I practice several times a day for up to 30 seconds each time. The goal of the exercises is to improve my overall body proprioception and balance, as well as strength in my legs. Balancing will also improve core body strength.

The exercises increase in difficulty as balance improves. The levels are my interpretation of progressively difficult exercises based on my research. Hold onto something if necessary to maintain balance. I have used holding onto a chair, touching a wall, holding onto a low hanging tree branch, touching my foot on a step, and holding a broom handle.

Level 1: Stand with weight on both feet with eyes open on even flat surface.

Can you stand without wavering with your feet apart? With your feet close together? With one foot placed directly in front of the other foot?

– Try shifting your weight back and forth by leaning forwards, backwards and side to side and again find your center balance.

– Sway your body from your ankles.

– Next try with your eyes closed.

Level 2A: Stand on both feet with eyes open on even flat surface, then lift one foot up.

Can you stand for up to 30 seconds without wavering? If difficult, then just barely lift the foot up and feel the ground with tip of your toe.

– Try lifting the foot higher. I found that touching my toe lightly to a small step or against a wall helped because gave me more proprioception clues.

– As becomes easier, then hold the foot to the front, out to side, and behind.

– Next try with your eyes closed.

Level 2B: Moving exercises with eyes open on even flat surface

– Walk a line with one foot placed in front of the other forwards and backwards.

– Walk with legs crossing over to move sideways.

– Hop up and down on both legs about an inch or two high.

– Next try with your eyes closed.

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