Just for Grins – Grumpy horse as chicken steals feed

A grumpy horse has a pesky hen moving in on his/her bucket of feed. I had to laugh at this inter-species interaction.

The horse warns the chicken to back off using equine lingo. The horse lays his ears back and snakes his head out towards the encroaching hen. The chicken takes no notice of the horse-speak warnings. The horse ups the ante with a threat the chicken can understand. The chicken dodges and the horse feed goes flying.

A UK horse puts ears back to warn off the hen stealing feed from his bucket. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

Hey chicken, this is MY food.

UK horse warns chicken from stealing his oats by stamping his hoof knocking feed everywhere. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

I said… “Get off my food!”

Video length: 1 minute 11 seconds
Uploaded by on Sep 16, 2010
Country: United Kingdom

Horse eats feed off ground by chicken. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

Unintended consequences works out for the chicken.

Another horse moves in to eat the feed off the ground.

Until another interloper moves in.

The video shows the hen being escorted out of the horse paddock by the 3rd species (human) of the story.


Horses and free-range chickens are frequently run together with neither bothering the other.  A chicken and horse can even become bonded companions.

Chickens will pick up dropped feed off the ground and help to scatter the horse manure piles to dry them out and make fewer flies.

Keeping Hens and Horses

Keeping Hens on the Homestead

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