Szilvásvárad Lipizzaner Stud Farm

Lipizzaner stallion in Szilvásvárad, Hungari

Hungarian National Lipizzaner Stud Farm Szilvásvárad

This is a video clip from “A Bükk fehér sziklái” (“The White Cliffs of Beech”) about the Hungarian National Lipizzaner Stud Farm at Szilvásvárad. The stud’s mission is to maintain the Hungarian Lippizaners.

Four hundred years of selective breeding have made the Lipizzan horse one of Europe’s oldest breeds. They were developed to be a strategic asset by the Habsburg nobility. The breed was created to be a sensible and strong war horse, as well as a royal coach horse, and is noted for a sturdy body, brilliant action and proud carriage. The breed has an intelligent and docile disposition.

Two hundred years ago there were blacks, browns, chestnuts, duns and even piebalds and skewbalds, but a white coat was preferred by the nobility. A grey is born black and has dark skin and eyes. Their coat color slowly changes to grey and then becomes pure white over a period of six to ten years. Most Lipizzaners today are grey with only a very few non-grey bay or black.

The breeding of Lipizzaner horses in Hungary began in the early 1800s. In 1953 the State Stud of Szilvásvárad was established in the Bükk mountains. This area is similar to Lipica where the breed originated.  The limestone soil of both areas gives the Lipizzaners sturdy bones, toughness and excellent feet.

There is beautiful cinematography of the Lipizzaners in the Bükk mountains. The director of photography is Pintér András.

Video length: 2 minutes 55 seconds
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History of the Breed

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