Optimizing health, happiness and peace for myself and my horses.

This is my first blog and am still figuring things out. Think I’m supposed to say a few things about myself. Well, I’m a middle aged novice horse owner living in the southern US with my hubby of 30+  years, two adopted sibling cats from our local Humane Society, and two Icelandic horse geldings . I have had horses in my life and in my backyard since I was 13 years old.

I’m on the introverted techie / geeky side by nature. No surprise that I love using resources of the internet to do lots of pondering and research about many topics. I will share videos and articles and thoughts, particularly related to my relationship with my horses. This blog will cover a range of topics on optimizing our health, happiness and peace.

We all need to be more physically fit being more strong and flexible working within the limitations that life has thrown our way. Limitations such as age, health issues and time constraints. We are starting over from where we are and sometimes that involves re-grouping to re-start over due to set backs.

Sundays: Part of optimizing life is just having a smile.  A Sunday post feature started on March 11, 2012 is “Just for grins” that will include videos and topics that give a laugh or a smile. These will also include performances and acts. Horses will be featured, but may also include other critters. I hope they give you a smile.

Wednesdays: Part of optimizing my life is enjoying life’s happy moments. I get happiness watching horses and listening to music. A Wednesday post feature started on March 14, 2012 is “Musical videos”. Most of the videos will feature horses. I particularly enjoy watching these videos before heading to bed to leave my mind thinking of happiness and joy for sweet dreams. I hope you enjoy the selected music videos too.

When I began this blog on December 21, 2011 I wasn’t adding in weight loss concerns, though knew I needed to get to a more optimal weight. My mind changed on March 17, 2012 standing on my weight scale. My weight was at a maximum and highest since 2002 when I said “enough” joining on-line Weight Watchers. Kept the weight loss for many years, but weight has crept up and now I need a new plan. I will be including recipes and other information related to adding weight loss. Our horses, my hubby and our cats all need to lose some weight.

Starting the blog did some evaluation of my physical abilities discovering my balance was not very good, plus flexibility in my right leg was much less than my left leg. This is probably due to an injury to my right leg this summer. The beginning of the blog focuses on improving my balance and my flexibility.

Writing an informational blog post takes time, but I will do my best to add in useful topics that I am working on in my life with my horses. Eventually maybe the blog will be found by others and deemed useful. 🙂 I enjoy working on the blog and hope others will enjoy it too.

Over time I will be working through ideas from books that I have that include:

    • Sally Swift “Centered Riding”
    • Peggy Cummings “Connected Riding”
    • Linda Tellington Jones “TTEAM”
    • Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling “Dancing with Horses”
    • clicker training techniques
    • Carolyn Resnick “Uberstreichen exercises”
    • yoga and meditation and stress reduction
    • Christine Schwartz “Joy of Icelandics”
    • Jec Ballou “Equine Fitness”
    • Marijke de Jong “Academic Art of Riding”
    • Babette Teschen “Lunge course”
    • Mark Rashid
    • Leslie Desmond / Bill Dorrance “True Horsemanship through Feel”
    • recipes
    • yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi
    • health information for human and horses
    • and anything else that strikes my fancy

That’s a bunch of stuff, so should have a plenty to blog on. I’ll put links and quotes to resources accessible on-line, plus reviews of their books from my novice viewpoint. I may also take some lessons or attend clinics, as well as review products and equipment.

Originally at http://www.lifeloveandhorses.wordpress.com. Moved the wordpress.com blog over to a permanent URL using wordpress.org  in January 2012.


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