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Just for Grins – “It must be the water”

It Must Be The Water. Vittel.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys standing by horses at starting gate

The clever and funny TV commercial advertisement titled ‘Horse Riding’ was done by Ogilvy & Mather Paris advertising agency for Vittel Water in France. It was released in December 2009. Race horses love to run, but what horse might not like to take it easy once in awhile. Jockeys drink some Vittel water before the race and horse racing takes on a whole different method.

Vittel is a French brand of bottled water sold in many countries. Since 1992 it has been owned by Nestlé Waters, Water Division of the Swiss group Nestlé.

The Vosges basin in France is home to several sources of natural mineral water. The city of Vittel , thanks to the virtues of its natural mineral water, is also a city of thermal baths. Louis Bouloumié in 1855 created a health spa in the city of Vittel, then later the natural mineral water was bottled.  It belonged to the founding family, the Bouloumié, for four generations.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys preparing for race with horses on their backs

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys carrying horses on their backs to race

Video length: 32 seconds
“Pub Vittel: la course hippique” – Horse race
Uploaded by  on Sep 7, 2009

There are a series of “It Must Be the Water” ads, which are all very funny. They are on the same Youtube channel.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys carrying horses on their backs for race come to finish line

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockey of brown horse is the winner

Vittel Water advertisement: Proud jockey with flowers around his neck holds his racing trophy of a "man carrying horse"

A longer version of the advertisement at these 2 sites:
Video length: 1:00 minute
Autoplay site:
Non-autoplay site:

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Copywriters: Christian Foulon,, Fergus O’hare, Andrew Jolliffe
Art directors: Stephanie Surer, Ginevra Capece
Director: Lionel Goldstein
Production: Henry de Czar, Paris
Post-production company: Nozon
Editor: Manu Van Hove Agency
Producer: Caroline Petruccelli
Executive Producer: Jeanluc Bergeron
Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert
Sound Design: Kouz Production

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Wyoming Quarter Horse

In 1983, Bill and Carole Smith started the WYO Quarter Horse Sale. Over the years, it has developed into the nation’s elite Quarter Horse Gelding Sales. There are now two sales held each year in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Video of Hickorys Buck Lot 34, a 2003 buckskin Quarter horse gelding, ridden in an arena and out on the beautiful Wyoming trails with background music uploaded on 04/24/2011 is no longer on Youtube.

Have replaced with a 2013 video of another QH ridden at their ranch. There is no music.

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Hello world! – Moving Day

Welcome to WordPress.

This weekend the blog is moving from at

to at


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Ron Paul: No longer a dark horse candidate

How to register to vote by state information (form) PDF file:

Flower Chucker image - man throwing flowers

'Flower Chucker' by London-based graffiti artist Banksy

Like the Flower Chucker, the Ron Paul Revolutionary does not use coercion to affect change. Instead of a Molotov cocktail, he wields the power of the vote, the Viral Media, and the Internet as weapons against tyranny. Instead of violence, it is free speech, freedom of assembly, their labor, their sweat, their money that they use as tactics to cause change.

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