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Just for Grins – Grumpy horse as chicken steals feed

A grumpy horse has a pesky hen moving in on his/her bucket of feed. I had to laugh at this inter-species interaction.

The horse warns the chicken to back off using equine lingo. The horse lays his ears back and snakes his head out towards the encroaching hen. The chicken takes no notice of the horse-speak warnings. The horse ups the ante with a threat the chicken can understand. The chicken dodges and the horse feed goes flying.

A UK horse puts ears back to warn off the hen stealing feed from his bucket. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

Hey chicken, this is MY food.

UK horse warns chicken from stealing his oats by stamping his hoof knocking feed everywhere. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

I said… “Get off my food!”

Video length: 1 minute 11 seconds
Uploaded by on Sep 16, 2010
Country: United Kingdom

Horse eats feed off ground by chicken. By Pippa2shoes on Youtube.

Unintended consequences works out for the chicken.

Another horse moves in to eat the feed off the ground.

Until another interloper moves in.

The video shows the hen being escorted out of the horse paddock by the 3rd species (human) of the story.


Horses and free-range chickens are frequently run together with neither bothering the other.  A chicken and horse can even become bonded companions.

Chickens will pick up dropped feed off the ground and help to scatter the horse manure piles to dry them out and make fewer flies.

Keeping Hens and Horses

Keeping Hens on the Homestead

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Just for Grins – “It must be the water”

It Must Be The Water. Vittel.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys standing by horses at starting gate

The clever and funny TV commercial advertisement titled ‘Horse Riding’ was done by Ogilvy & Mather Paris advertising agency for Vittel Water in France. It was released in December 2009. Race horses love to run, but what horse might not like to take it easy once in awhile. Jockeys drink some Vittel water before the race and horse racing takes on a whole different method.

Vittel is a French brand of bottled water sold in many countries. Since 1992 it has been owned by Nestlé Waters, Water Division of the Swiss group Nestlé.

The Vosges basin in France is home to several sources of natural mineral water. The city of Vittel , thanks to the virtues of its natural mineral water, is also a city of thermal baths. Louis Bouloumié in 1855 created a health spa in the city of Vittel, then later the natural mineral water was bottled.  It belonged to the founding family, the Bouloumié, for four generations.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys preparing for race with horses on their backs

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys carrying horses on their backs to race

Video length: 32 seconds
“Pub Vittel: la course hippique” – Horse race
Uploaded by  on Sep 7, 2009

There are a series of “It Must Be the Water” ads, which are all very funny. They are on the same Youtube channel.

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockeys carrying horses on their backs for race come to finish line

Vittel Water advertisement: Jockey of brown horse is the winner

Vittel Water advertisement: Proud jockey with flowers around his neck holds his racing trophy of a "man carrying horse"

A longer version of the advertisement at these 2 sites:
Video length: 1:00 minute
Autoplay site: http://www.funnyplace.org/stream/vittel-race-13602/
Non-autoplay site: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/vittel_horse_riding

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Copywriters: Christian Foulon,, Fergus O’hare, Andrew Jolliffe
Art directors: Stephanie Surer, Ginevra Capece
Director: Lionel Goldstein
Production: Henry de Czar, Paris
Post-production company: Nozon
Editor: Manu Van Hove Agency
Producer: Caroline Petruccelli
Executive Producer: Jeanluc Bergeron
Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert
Sound Design: Kouz Production

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Just for Grins – Horse loves his hammock

The dark colored Andalusian foal, Amoroso, hangs over a hammock and scratches himself.

Little Amoroso, an Andalusian foal, has seen humans in the hammock. Getting up there turned out to be too difficult, but maybe it can be used for scratching? The little horse loves his hammock.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

Video length: 3 minutes 3 seconds
Uploaded by  on Jun 14, 2010

http://www.ellenofstad.com/  (website in Norwegian Bokmål language)

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Just for Grins – Riding backwards

This guy is really good at riding backwards. This is “backwards horse riding Jamaican style”.  “Yeh, Mon”

Video length: 52 seconds
Uploaded by  on Jan 22, 2010


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Just for Grins – Irish Cob foal eating grass

Jelani's Bowen, then Gypsy Vanner colt, rests on his first day.

Jelani’s Bowen” was born on March 25th 2007 at 4:30AM. His mother is Shayla, and his father is Chakotay. He is an Irish Cob described as a “big teddy bear, very sweet and cooperative”. He is at Jalani Stables living in the Netherlands on the border with South Holland.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

“Bowen die erg lui gras aan het eten is :D” – Sandra Keyzer

Bowen that is a very lazy way to eat grass.

Video length: 1 minute 20 seconds
Uploaded by  on Apr 29, 2007

Bowen is all grown up now. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Bowen all grown up. He is a piebald Irish Cob stallion with blue eyes.

Jelani’s Bowen all grown up.

The Irish Cob breed is also called “Tinker” or “Gypsy Vanner”. The breed originates from the UK and Ireland. Members of the breed come in a variety of colours but predominantly are of piebald colouring and have many draft characteristics, including heavy bone and abundant feathering on the lower legs.

Learn about Gypsy Vanner horse, like Bowen.

* View websites with Google Chrome for language translation.


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Just for Grins – Shire horse gallops on beach

Kameo — Shire Horse — Beach Gallop WIPEOUT

When a wave crashed into Kameo, both horse and rider tumbled.
We’re happy to report that both horse and rider were completely fine after the fall!

Video length: 38 seconds
Uploaded by  on Aug 14, 2010

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Just for Grins – Horse rolling

“Indy and I were supposed to do a little riding, but first was my plan to let her run a little bit at liberty because of her energy. But Indy decides that it’s time to do a roll…. with my barebackpad on…. And again…..”

Horse rolling

Video length: 1 minute 22 seconds
Uploaded by  on Mar 18, 2012
Joyce de Vos (Fox) lives in Nijeveen (Drenthe), The Netherlands. She draws on many different training methods and calls her style “Inspirational Horsemanship” that is “a process whereby you are inspired by everything and everyone around you”.

* Original in Dutch: “Inspirational Horsemanship staat dus niet voor één bepaalde trainingsmethode, maar een werkwijze waarbij je inspiratie haalt uit alles en iedereen om je heen.”

More about the horse, Indy.

* Using automatic website Google language translation on Chrome browser
How you can get Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome

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