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Just for Grins – Horse blows a raspberry

Horse blows a Bronx cheer (raspberry)

Bill is a travelling documentary filmmaker. His niece Olivia introduced him to this horse. Bill asks “Why do you like this one”? Answer: “Because he makes funny sounds.” The horse blows a raspberry. This is also called making a Bronx cheer. To humans it is a noise signifying derision, real or feigned.

Hopefully this is just a funny learned trick and not a nervous tick like ‘wind sucking‘. Horses under stress, particularly ones kept locked in stalls for extended periods of time, can develop stress habits. Perhaps this horse has learned that doing a nervous tick has gotten him rewards?

What do you think? Is this a trick? Or from stress? Or something in between?

Uploaded by  on Jan 4, 2011
Bill also has a blog.

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Just for Grins – Shire horse gallops on beach

Kameo — Shire Horse — Beach Gallop WIPEOUT

When a wave crashed into Kameo, both horse and rider tumbled.
We’re happy to report that both horse and rider were completely fine after the fall!

Video length: 38 seconds
Uploaded by  on Aug 14, 2010

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Just for Grins – Horse rolling

“Indy and I were supposed to do a little riding, but first was my plan to let her run a little bit at liberty because of her energy. But Indy decides that it’s time to do a roll…. with my barebackpad on…. And again…..”

Horse rolling

Video length: 1 minute 22 seconds
Uploaded by  on Mar 18, 2012
Joyce de Vos (Fox) lives in Nijeveen (Drenthe), The Netherlands. She draws on many different training methods and calls her style “Inspirational Horsemanship” that is “a process whereby you are inspired by everything and everyone around you”.

* Original in Dutch: “Inspirational Horsemanship staat dus niet voor één bepaalde trainingsmethode, maar een werkwijze waarbij je inspiratie haalt uit alles en iedereen om je heen.”

More about the horse, Indy.

* Using automatic website Google language translation on Chrome browser
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