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Riding Icelandic Horses on coast of Denmark

Nine ladies riding Icelandic horses along the west coast of Denmark on a lovely day.

Video length: 5 minutes 41 seconds
Music: “Like Sunflowers” from the album “Crow” by Eivör Pálsdóttir. She is singing in Icelandic. The title of the song in Icelandic is “Sum sólja og bøur”. She is from the Faroe Islands and has her roots in the Faroese ballads.
Uploaded by  on May 6, 2011

I enjoy listening to the sound of beautiful songs without being able to understand their meaning. This is good because I was only able to find the Icelandic lyrics. Google translate does not do an adequate job on translating Icelandic to English. It seems to be a love song.

Icelandic lyrics:
Hann angar Sum sólja og bøur,
Sum tað bláa hav,
hann sigur tær vakrastu søgur,
tá sól er farin í kav.
Hann droymir teir vakrastu dreymar
hvønn tann einasta dag,
droymur seg burtur
um dalar og heyggjar,
til støð tú ei hevur sæð,
á, um bert ein dag,
eg kundi flogið avstað við tær,
men vit hittast bara,
tá ið eg blundi,
í náttardreymum hjá mær.
Nú komin er kvøldarstund,
Eg droymi meg burtur til tín,
Og eg sovi mí søta blund,
Tú ert vagrasti dreymur mín

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Dressage Lusitano Grand Prix Stallion

Dressage Lusitano Grand Prix Stallion SansaoHM
USDF 2006 Grand Prix All breed award

Video length: 4 minutes 6 seconds
Music: “Chuva” sung by Mariza, who is a popular Portuguese fado singer. Fado is a musical genre usually with a melancholy theme and accompanied by mandolins or guitars which can be traced to the 1820s in Portugal.
Uploaded by  on Jan 29, 2007

Casa Lusitana offers the classically-trained Lusitano to dressage riders and breeders throughout the United States. Their Massachusetts and Florida farms are home to Jorge Gabriel and the world’s finest Lusitano horses.

Learn more about the Lusitano breed, like SansaoHM.

I enjoy listening to the sound of beautiful songs without understanding their meaning, such as this mournful Portuguese song. If you would like to know the meaning… read on for lyric translation…

Translation to English using Google translate:
The ordinary things in life that there
Only the memories that hurt
Or make you smile
There are people who go down in history
the history of people
and others of whom neither name
remember hearing
They are emotions that give life
the nostalgia that bring
Those who had with you
and ended up losing
There are days that mark the soul
and people’s lives
and the one that you left me
I can not forget
The rain drenched my face
Cold and tired
The streets of the city had
I’ve traveled
Ai … my cry of missing girl
shouted the city
the fire of love in the rain
died a moment ago
The rain heard and kept
my secret to the city
And behold, it hits the glass
Bringing nostalgia

Lyrics to song “Chuva” in Portuguese:
As coisas vulgares que há na vida
Não deixam saudades
Só as lembranças que doem
Ou fazem sorrir
Há gente que fica na história
da história da gente
e outras de quem nem o nome
lembramos ouvir
São emoções que dão vida
à saudade que trago
Aquelas que tive contigo
e acabei por perder
Há dias que marcam a alma
e a vida da gente
e aquele em que tu me deixaste
não posso esquecer
A chuva molhava-me o rosto
Gelado e cansado
As ruas que a cidade tinha
Já eu percorrera
Ai… meu choro de moça perdida
gritava à cidade
que o fogo do amor sob chuva
há instantes morrera
A chuva ouviu e calou
meu segredo à cidade
E eis que ela bate no vidro
Trazendo a saudade

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Icelandic horse dressage practice

Icelandics can also do dressage!

Young lady doing English dressage riding on her Icelandic horse

She comments that her Icelandic horse, Sola, can be very stubborn. Icelandics are known to be smart and have a mind of their own. They are both learning how to do dressage together. Icelandics are a gaited horse, who have a special gait called “tolt“. The Icelandic horse can also trot. Most dressage riding is done  with a trot.

Dressage is a French term meaning “training” and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider.

Icelandic horse dressage

Video length: 3 minutes 31 seconds
Music: The music is an instrumental and very relaxing. “Expression” by Helen Jane Long, a British composer, musician and pianist.
Uploaded by  on Aug 12, 2010

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Forest Boyz – Friesians in the Mist

The Forest Boyz are three Friesian stallions who live, work and play together in the forest of the Northern California coast. Meike (Feike x Leffert – 2004) & Menno (Feike x Sjaard – 2004) & Saphire (Rintse x Yk – 2005) are the best of friends. Laura Zugzda has gorgeous photographic prints and video of the Forest Boyz available.

The Forest Boyz – Friesians in the mist

Video length: 3 minutes 14 seconds
Uploaded by  on Nov 22, 2007
Music: “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams

I love watching “The Forest Boyz”, so will post more videos in future for Wednesday music feature.

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Just for Grins – Hiking with horse, cow, & donkeys

Agnes hiking with Iroy, her Haflinger horse, Cowy, her Highland cow, and her two donkeys through valleys and forest near her home in France. Iroy is loose, as is one donkey. Sometimes Cowy is also loose. They all follow Agnes.

I wasn’t sure if this video should be a Wednesday music video due to the dramatic music or a “Just for Grins” Sunday video. A donkey at the end of the video makes a statement for Sunday smiles. What do you think? Did I make a right choice? Hope you enjoy it was much as I do.

Video length: 2 minutes 40 seconds
Music: “Ameno” by the French group, Era, a New Age music project by the French composer Eric Lévi. They use pseudo-Greek and pseudo-Latin lyrics (by Guy Protheroe) deliberately devoid of any exact meaning. Group “Era” website in French.
Uploaded by  on Jun 19, 2011

Learn about Highland Cattle, like Cowy.
Learn about Haflinger horses, like Iroy.

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Let’s play – Parelli student playing with Arabian

Parelli students Ludovic Fournet and Fanny live in France. Fanny plays with her Arabian, Quatifa.

Video length: 4 minutes 53 seconds
Music: “Freight Train” written by Fred Eaglesmith sung by Chris Paulson. Chris Paulson is a singer/songwriter originally from the San Francisco Bay area. A modern day wandering minstrel, he’s spent the last 24 years on the road, performing throughout Europe, in Morroco, South Africa, Australia, Brasil, California, New York, and Mexico.
Uploaded by  on Jan 19, 2012

Their blogs are ‘dedicated to horses and how to contact them to get a perfect, natural harmony and enter into communion ….’ (using Google translate). Original French: “dédié aux chevaux et à la façon de communiquer avec eux pour obtenir une harmonie parfaite et naturelle et entrer en communion….”

They have beautiful photography of their Arabians on their blogs.

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Wyoming Quarter Horse

In 1983, Bill and Carole Smith started the WYO Quarter Horse Sale. Over the years, it has developed into the nation’s elite Quarter Horse Gelding Sales. There are now two sales held each year in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Video of Hickorys Buck Lot 34, a 2003 buckskin Quarter horse gelding, ridden in an arena and out on the beautiful Wyoming trails with background music uploaded on 04/24/2011 is no longer on Youtube.

Have replaced with a 2013 video of another QH ridden at their ranch. There is no music.

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Set Fire to the Rain

Emeline rides her Friesian, Tattoo, and her other horse, Lazzy, bitless and bridleless. She lives in France. Video by Vanessa Boucher of “Pretty Horse Photography”.

Video length: 4 minutes 3 seconds
Title: Emeline, Tattoo & Lazzy
Music: “Set Fire to the Rain” is a song by British singer-songwriter Adele from the album “21”. Written by Adele and Fraser T. Smith and produced by Smith.
Uploaded by  on Sep 11, 2011

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Beautiful Life – Live your dreams

Hannah Willis of “Heart Felt Horsemanship” believes there are “two kinds of horse people in this world: those who are living their dream with their horse, and those who are not.” Hannah is living her dream.

Video length: 4 minutes 15 seconds
Music: “Beautiful Life” written and sung by Cari Cole on the album “Circle of Fire”
Uploaded by  on Mar 27, 2010

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Horse bath on warm day – Tempo’s first bath

Part of optimizing my life is enjoying life’s happy moments. I get happiness watching horses and listening to music. Today is the first of a new Wednesday post feature including musical videos. Most of the videos will feature horses. I particularly enjoy watching these videos before heading to bed to leave my mind thinking of happiness and joy for sweet dreams. I hope you enjoy them too.

One of my favorite horse music videos is 8 week-old filly, Tempo, discovering the joys of being hosed down on a warm day with his first horse bath. He enjoys rolling and racing around with horsey happiness.

Video length: 4 minutes 45 seconds (of pure joy)
Music: “Suite from Forest Gump” movie by Alan Silvestri
Uploaded by  on May 13, 2007

Kim and Van Sturgeon use clicker training as an extension to working with natural horsemanship methods. Van and his wife own Clarity Canine & Equine, LLC. They live at Panangelium Farm, near Charleston, SC, with their horses Shoki (Arabian gelding), Puck (QH/stock paint dun mare), and Tempo (red dun QH), and their dogs Crab and Sandy. Tempo is Puck’s foal, born March 19, 2007.


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