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Let’s start over…

Doubtful anyone noticed that over an entire year has passed without posting on my website / blog. Let’s start over. During this hiatus from my blog I have made progress on some of my goals, but have had other set-backs.

My balance has improved with much practice standing on one leg waiting in line to check out at grocery stores and while filling up my horse water holding a hose. There are always times standing around where it is possible to quietly practice without anyone noticing.

My flexibility in some muscles is better, but other muscles have tightened. I am nearly able to sit in a full Hero’s Pose, but even after nearly 2 years am still unable to completely place my bottom on the floor. When I started working on Hero’s Pose my butt was 5 inches off my heels. I am now only 2 inches from the floor.

My stamina is reasonable. I am able to do the New Year Challenge from 2012 that Eckhart Yoga challenged, though must do it more slowly.

Twistur is growing out his hooves, but still shows evidence that there is some ongoing rings developing. We have made a lot of diet changes, but may need to do more. I rode them with halters on the local trails recently for short rides on each. Twistur wore his Cavallo hoof boots. Afterwards I noted several of my muscles that need strengthening, as well as areas that became stiff. Wish the horses could tell me which body parts were aching, as am sure their middle aged bodies also felt the ride after carrying me around. I didn’t feel as unstable riding, so my balance work has helped. I really want this to be the year where am getting out regularly riding on the trails again.

My web programming skills continue to improve, but want to make a lot more progress in my skill level. A new project is working to learn Spanish to a level so I can read newspapers and listen to the news with good comprehension, as well as carry on a basic conversation. I have found many helpful free resources for learning a language that wish had available years ago. The internet is a valuable resource, but need to search and find useful tools.

We’ll see how the blog develops, but want it to be a useful resource holder for information on topics of interest to me that maybe of interest to others as well.

Anyone stumbling across this blog, then I welcome you to join me on reaching your own goals.


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