Just for Grins – Irish Cob foal eating grass

Jelani's Bowen, then Gypsy Vanner colt, rests on his first day.

Jelani’s Bowen” was born on March 25th 2007 at 4:30AM. His mother is Shayla, and his father is Chakotay. He is an Irish Cob described as a “big teddy bear, very sweet and cooperative”. He is at Jalani Stables living in the Netherlands on the border with South Holland.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

“Bowen die erg lui gras aan het eten is :D” – Sandra Keyzer

Bowen that is a very lazy way to eat grass.

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Bowen is all grown up now. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Bowen all grown up. He is a piebald Irish Cob stallion with blue eyes.

Jelani’s Bowen all grown up.

The Irish Cob breed is also called “Tinker” or “Gypsy Vanner”. The breed originates from the UK and Ireland. Members of the breed come in a variety of colours but predominantly are of piebald colouring and have many draft characteristics, including heavy bone and abundant feathering on the lower legs.

Learn about Gypsy Vanner horse, like Bowen.

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  1. Nel van Loenhout

    He was cute as a foal, but he really is gorgeous now. Were can I find more pictures of him ?

  2. llh_admin

    Edit: Image of Jelani Bowen as a foal is no longer available. Removed dead image link.

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