Song of the Singing Horseman – Ride On

Video length: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Music: “Ride On” written by Jimmy MacCarthy on album “The Song of the Singing Horseman” released in 1991 by Mulligan Records. The female singer is listed as the Youtube uploader, but no name is listed.
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True, you ride the finest horse I’ve ever seen,
Standing sixteen, one or two
with eyes wild and green
You ride the horse so well
hands light to the touch
I could never go with you
no matter how I wanted to

Ride on, see you
I could never go with you
No matter how I wanted to.

When you ride into the night
without a trace behind
Run your claw along my gut, one last time
I turn to face an empty space
where you used to lie
And look for the spark that lights the night
through a teardrop in my eye


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