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Just for Grins – Irish Cob foal eating grass

Jelani's Bowen, then Gypsy Vanner colt, rests on his first day.

Jelani’s Bowen” was born on March 25th 2007 at 4:30AM. His mother is Shayla, and his father is Chakotay. He is an Irish Cob described as a “big teddy bear, very sweet and cooperative”. He is at Jalani Stables living in the Netherlands on the border with South Holland.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

“Bowen die erg lui gras aan het eten is :D” – Sandra Keyzer

Bowen that is a very lazy way to eat grass.

Video length: 1 minute 20 seconds
Uploaded by  on Apr 29, 2007

Bowen is all grown up now. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Bowen all grown up. He is a piebald Irish Cob stallion with blue eyes.

Jelani’s Bowen all grown up.

The Irish Cob breed is also called “Tinker” or “Gypsy Vanner”. The breed originates from the UK and Ireland. Members of the breed come in a variety of colours but predominantly are of piebald colouring and have many draft characteristics, including heavy bone and abundant feathering on the lower legs.

Learn about Gypsy Vanner horse, like Bowen.

* View websites with Google Chrome for language translation.


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Just for Grins – Horse blows a raspberry

Horse blows a Bronx cheer (raspberry)

Bill is a travelling documentary filmmaker. His niece Olivia introduced him to this horse. Bill asks “Why do you like this one”? Answer: “Because he makes funny sounds.” The horse blows a raspberry. This is also called making a Bronx cheer. To humans it is a noise signifying derision, real or feigned.

Hopefully this is just a funny learned trick and not a nervous tick like ‘wind sucking‘. Horses under stress, particularly ones kept locked in stalls for extended periods of time, can develop stress habits. Perhaps this horse has learned that doing a nervous tick has gotten him rewards?

What do you think? Is this a trick? Or from stress? Or something in between?

Uploaded by  on Jan 4, 2011
Bill also has a blog.

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Just for Grins – Miniature horse trailer loading

Dan James and Dan Steers of “Double Dans Horsemanship” make demonstrating their horsemanship entertaining and fun. This video from Equitana Australia 2011 is a short comedy act loading a Miniature horse into a small trailer with an amusing method. In Australia they call a horse trailer a “float”.

Miniature horse trailer loading

Video length: 31 seconds
Uploaded by  on Nov 14, 2011

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Just for Grins – Hiking with horse, cow, & donkeys

Agnes hiking with Iroy, her Haflinger horse, Cowy, her Highland cow, and her two donkeys through valleys and forest near her home in France. Iroy is loose, as is one donkey. Sometimes Cowy is also loose. They all follow Agnes.

I wasn’t sure if this video should be a Wednesday music video due to the dramatic music or a “Just for Grins” Sunday video. A donkey at the end of the video makes a statement for Sunday smiles. What do you think? Did I make a right choice? Hope you enjoy it was much as I do.

Video length: 2 minutes 40 seconds
Music: “Ameno” by the French group, Era, a New Age music project by the French composer Eric Lévi. They use pseudo-Greek and pseudo-Latin lyrics (by Guy Protheroe) deliberately devoid of any exact meaning. Group “Era” website in French.
Uploaded by  on Jun 19, 2011

Learn about Highland Cattle, like Cowy.
Learn about Haflinger horses, like Iroy.

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Just for Grins – Shire horse gallops on beach

Kameo — Shire Horse — Beach Gallop WIPEOUT

When a wave crashed into Kameo, both horse and rider tumbled.
We’re happy to report that both horse and rider were completely fine after the fall!

Video length: 38 seconds
Uploaded by  on Aug 14, 2010

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Just for Grins – Horse rolling

“Indy and I were supposed to do a little riding, but first was my plan to let her run a little bit at liberty because of her energy. But Indy decides that it’s time to do a roll…. with my barebackpad on…. And again…..”

Horse rolling

Video length: 1 minute 22 seconds
Uploaded by  on Mar 18, 2012
Joyce de Vos (Fox) lives in Nijeveen (Drenthe), The Netherlands. She draws on many different training methods and calls her style “Inspirational Horsemanship” that is “a process whereby you are inspired by everything and everyone around you”.

* Original in Dutch: “Inspirational Horsemanship staat dus niet voor één bepaalde trainingsmethode, maar een werkwijze waarbij je inspiratie haalt uit alles en iedereen om je heen.”

More about the horse, Indy.

* Using automatic website Google language translation on Chrome browser
How you can get Chrome:

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Just for Grins – Horse iPad

Video length: 1 minute 11 seconds
Uploaded by  on Mar 7, 2012

Unveiling the latest revolution in equine technology, the horse iPad. Keep up to date with news, for horses. Surf websites, for horses. Connect with friends, who are horses. From the UK sketch show, Dawson Bros Funtime.

This would make a funny iPad commercial. I have family members with iPads who use them for work on the go. They all really like them. I’m just stuck with a desktop and my non-smart phone.

BTW… a tip: Make sure your horse won’t be startled by any of your mobile phone’s ring tones. Our horse trimmer was training a green broke Mustang out on the trail. The horse knew lots about the outdoor sounds and sights, but little about the modern world. The trimmer’s cell phone rang and the horse took off worrying about the weird sound up on his back. That call went to voice mail.

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Just for Grins – Goat riding horse

Goat riding a horse. Surprisingly the goat goes from a higher point down to the horse.

Bob the Horse & Gertie the Horse-Loving Goat…….These 2 are Best Mates & wont go anywhere without each other!!

Video length: 54 seconds
Uploaded by  on Jun 23, 2010

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Just for grins – Itchy horse

Zipper, the itchy horse, scratches those hard to reach areas.

Video length: 1 minute 1 second
Uploaded by  on Oct 6, 2010

Twistur had this same idea last summer. He stood over a couple of small bendable volunteer trees and would rub back and forth to scritch his belly.

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Just for grins – Attack of the Pretty Ponies

Part of optimizing life is just having a smile. New Sunday post feature will be “Just for grins” and other topics that give a laugh or a smile.

This 40 second video never fails to crack me up. At this campground they aren’t worrying about bears, but they forgot about the adorable ponies. Three ponies create chaos at a campground in the New Forest in England breaking into an open tent and eating cereal.

“Come on ponies. Out, out.”

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